Lease Waves to Cryptin Waves node

There are several reasons why you should lease your Waves to Cryptin Waves node. Leasing Waves supports the network and by leasing to smaller nodes you help decentralize the network. Leasing to smaller nodes is also more profitable as smaller nodes gain more MRT (Miners Reward Token).

Our Waves lease (LPoS) address: 3PPPTqGUYHJUYqKkRCV3kAS44guun9iN7J8

Or use the alias: cryptinwaves 

What can you expect from us?

  • Weekly payouts
  • 90% of Waves revenue distributed
  • Voting is done in consensus with other nodes for a stable and fair Waves ecosystem
  • We create educational content and video’s on Waves on a regular basis
  • Dutch translations from Waves apps, client and Waves content

Who are we?

  • Active members of the Waves community since 2016
  • Waves ambassador
  • Waves forum and Reddit moderator
  • Waves Dutch language translator
  • Waves (video)content creator

Why lease Waves?

  • Strengthen the network
  • Gain revenue over Waves leased
  • No risks of losing Waves by leasing
  • Leasing Waves is not hard and takes under 1 minute of your time

You can now tip us WRT!
Use alias 'cryptin' or send WRT to: 3P4ttNa4U4dxmuyaaV51gb7xMTCG8CtXXsR