Leasing Waves is easy.

  1. Login to your account using the Waves client.
  2. Go to the “Leasing” tab.
  3. Click the “Start Lease” button.
  4. Fill in “3PPPTqGUYHJUYqKkRCV3kAS44guun9iN7J8″ in the recipient field.
  5. Fill in the amount of Waves you wish to lease
  6. Press the “Start Lease” button.
  7. Done! After a 1000 blocks you will start to generate revenue over your leased Waves.

No. The Waves you lease never leave your wallet. The only one who can transfer, move or sell your Waves is you. Your leased Waves can be seen as a vote on a node. The nodes uses the leased Waves to mine on the Waves network but cannot do anything else with the amount of leased Waves.

Leasing Waves is without risk, you help the Waves network and you gain interest over your leased Waves. There literally are no cons on leasing Waves.

We payout once a week and the payout if 90% of all Waves and MRT mined. 

MRT stands for Miners Reward Token. This is a token used to be distributed to Waves nodes for each block mined. MRT can be sold on the Waves DEX. As of october 2019 MRT is discontinued.