Cryptin: New Wavesnode!

As of this week the Waves blockchain has a new fullnode mining Waves and supporting the network. I was thinking of setting up a node for a while now but never got to it. After talking to several node operators and discussing the pro’s and cons it’s finally here: as of this week also manages a Waves node.

We decided to run a node because of several reasons. First of al we have years of experience in Linux and IT security and this is a nice way to put this experience in to practice. Second, we’ve been active in the Waves community for a long time and love the work Waves is doing and show our support by running this node. We like doing our part in making the Waves Platform a success. Third, we think a Waves node is a nice addition to Cryptin. We can now not only supply general information on cryptocurrency but also take part in providing blockchain services.

This is all brand new for us so we will be working on the website for the days to come (the node is already up and running). We hope you show us some love by leasing Waves to us!

Address for leasing

Alias: cryptinwaves