Waves branded Ledger Nano S giveaway!

To celebrate the Waves node 1.0 release and the fact that Cryptin has been running a Waves Platform fullnode for almost a year now we are giving away this unique Nano Ledger S.

Another reason is we would like to thank everyone leasing Waves to our node. In a year we’ve grown to be a top 20 Waves node and that’s all because of the community leasing their hard earned Waves to us!

For a while now a brand new Ledger Nano has been in our possession and has been unused ever since, as we already had a hardware wallet. This is not a normal Ledger but has been branded with the Waves Platform logo (inscribed in the metal).

In order to make this giveaway as fair as possible we’ve setup a few rules:

  1. Follow us on Twitter (CryptinEU).
  2. Like and retweet this tweet and reply with your Waves address.
  3. Lease a minimum amount of 10 WAVES to our Waves node.
  4. The winner will be asked to send a small transaction to us in order to make sure you own the Waves address stated.

We will draw a winner from all participants on monday the 19th of august 2019 and be in touch! Good luck!

How do we draw a winner?

We will draw a winner from all Waves addresses we get from the replies. After we drew a winner we will manually check if;

  1. The Twitter account associated with this address follows the CryptinEU twitter account
  2. Liked and retweeted this tweet
  3. There is an active lease for a minimum of 10 WAVES to our node (address for leasing: 3PPPTqGUYHJUYqKkRCV3kAS44guun9iN7J8 or alias ‘cryptinwaves’.