Payment #2 done! 9 blocks forged

The second payout was done today. We forged 9 blocks for a total of 1.6 Waves and 86.40 MRT. Thanks for leasing to Cryptin! Payment #2 (09-09-2018: Payment spreadsheet

Payment #1 done. Forged 4 blocks

The first week of mining and the first payout is done. We forged 4 blocks and the first payout was for a total of 2,3 Waves and 36,8 MRT. You can see the payout spreadsheet here: Payment spreadsheet #1 Thanks for leasing to Cryptin Wavesnode!

Cryptin: New Wavesnode!

As of this week the Waves blockchain has a new fullnode mining Waves and supporting the network. I was thinking of setting up a node for a while now but never got to it. After talking to several node operators and discussing the pro’s and cons it’s finally here: as of this week also … Read more